Our Simple Honest Service Can Reduce Your Print Copy Costs

CSP Systems provide all clients with a clear and simple service arrangement meaning that our clients know exactly what they are paying and exactly what they are getting for their money.

Sadly many other businesses are paying far more than they need to. CSP Systems offer a free evaluation of your print/copy costs so that you can see where you could make potential savings.

It’s vital that all businesses looking at a supplier of digital network print, copy and scan solutions take a minute to read what kind of service arrangement you are entering in to. Here are the questions we think you should be asking:

How long is the service agreement for?

Some providers try and tie businesses into expensive contracts that cover a long period of time. We’ve seen some that were a full five years in length!

What is the service agreement termination period?

Providers should not unfairly tie businesses to their service agreements. The maximum termination period should be 90 days but many providers are making their termination periods much longer.

What does the service agreement cover your system for?

Some providers will charge your business for toners and parts after a set period of time – they often hide this fact in the small print! Furthermore, many service providers will charge you for additional items (which they will often describe in complicated terms). For example you may find an “extra quarterly manufacturer’s warranty charge” in your agreement which is added to the cost per copy/print charge.

Is there a minimum number of copies/printers per month or quarter?

Many providers hide a charge for a minimum number of copies/prints per month regardless of whether the client will complete anywhere near that number. This is often not explained to the client as they sign the service agreement and they end up paying for copies/prints that they’ve never used.

Is the toner chargeable?

Many providers will make the price of colour copies and prints look very inexpensive and attractive to a client. However, when it is time for the colour toners to be replaced, they find that the service agreement states that toner is chargeable.

Why our simple, honest service is much better

Our honest service is delivered efficiently by professionals. We’re a Yorkshire business and therefore we believe that things should be kept simple and straight. We pride ourselves in looking after our clients both personally and professionally. We don’t have any hidden clauses or small print trying to catch you out to take more money. We believe in our products and our service personnel – there’s nothing we need to hide.

With CSP Systems you will only ever pay for what you use –  we charge for copies/prints monthly in arrears so that you only pay for the number of copies/prints completed – there’s no minimum number.

The cost per print/copy monthly charge includes:

  • all onsite service which is expertly carried out by our own Develop trained service engineers
  • all spare parts
  • all drum units
  • all toners

Even better, our Ineo Remote Care service system enables all our installed systems deliver a daily report directly to us with meter readings, toner levels, drum life, waste toner capacity checks and system error codes. This makes our service provision very proactive, ensuring that our clients have no system down time. If you’re running out of toner, we’ll deliver the new toner before you even know. If there is a system error, we can work on the problem before you are aware.

It is this kind of reliability and efficiency that is leading more and more clients to choose CSP Systems. Ineo Remote Care is all included in the monthly print/copy cost.

Does our simple, honest service sound appealing? Let’s talk!

If you already have a service agreement we will take our time to give you a comprehensive review in order to see how you may be able to reduce costs. In a similar way, if you are looking for a new print, copy or scan solution, we would love to talk further regarding how our service will help your business.

Contact us by calling 01226 449779 or emailing enquiries@cspsystems.co.uk