Print Green! 3 ways CSP reduce the environmental impact of your business copier

One of the big concerns of many businesses we work with is reducing their impact on the environment. More and more businesses are taking action on caring for our planet and managing our resources in a responsible, sustainable way.

Being environmentally friendly is something that really matters to CSP Systems. That’s why we are proud to partner with Develop to supply our print, copy, scan and network solutions.

Green conscious businesses across Yorkshire are turning to us as our Develop products continue to set new standards in energy efficiency and sustainability.

Recycled plastics

Develop multi-function printers (MFPs) are manufactured using recycled plastics. The devices we use contain two sustainable plastics – one of which is a promising new recyclable material that utilises PET waste (recycled bottles).

The other material used is a plant-based bioplastic. This is great news as it uses less petroleum-based resources as well as emitting less CO2 during its lifecycle that other plastics.

Energy saving

Another great feature of Develop products is that they have very low typical electricity consumption values. The devices are fitted with energy-saving modes and the most recent products switch to this mode faster than before. Also, considerably less power is consumed when in sleep mode.

All this gives you the double benefit of reducing running costs for your business, as well as helping to reduce your environmental impact.

Green conscious business

Printing functions

Develop MFPs come with a number of innovative waste reducing printing functions.

Particularly appealing to our green conscious customers across Yorkshire and beyond are the inbuilt duplex printing and automatic deletion of blank pages – both features help businesses to reduce material costs and environmental impact by avoiding unnecessary wastage of paper.

Furthermore, our Develop copier solutions benefit from polymerised toner technology, a great advancement that ensures that a smaller amount of toner is needed than before.

Green conscious copier solutions for green conscious businesses

As you can see, whatever the needs of your business, CSP Systems are here to help.

Our tailored solutions are perfect for environmentally aware businesses. Why not get in touch with us today to begin to reduce the impact of your photocopiers?

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