A former Sheffield steelworker who forged a new career in the technology industry has returned to his roots.

Andy Bethel spent 6 years with British Steel Corporation before moving into the copy and print industry in 1989 and ultimately starting his own company CSP Systems in Barnsley 15 months ago.

Now he’s returned to his steel beginnings after CSP Systems became the supplier of photocopiers, scanners and printers to Independent Forgings and Alloys in Sheffield.

Andy said: “My first job was at Stocksbridge steelworks so it’s nice to work with another Sheffield steel company in an industry I know so well.

“Both the printing and steel industries have changed significantly since I first started work in 1983.

“Sheffield companies such as Independent Forgings and Alloys now offer a global service and there’s been a swell in advanced engineering. In turn, the printing sector has also developed into a very technological industry with state-of-the-art machinery.

“CSP Systems offers the full range of digital multi-function network print, copy, scan and store systems with our team of highly experienced service engineers.

“For example, our remote monitoring can identify a problem, map out a solution and even dispatch a technician sometimes before the customer is even aware of a problem.

“It’s a pleasure to support companies such as Independent Forgings and Alloys, particularly when it’s a fellow South Yorkshire business.

Independent Forgings and Alloys, which employs 135 people, has eight CSP Systems machines on its premises at Ecclesfield and Hillsborough.

Director Craig Syson said: “I worked with Andy at a previous company and we always got on well. CSP Systems is quick to respond and it’s always very good service. We welcome the benefits they bring to our company as they have some top engineers.”